15 Beauty Tips to Look Great for Those Holiday Parties

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The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without a few fun get-togethers. Whether it’s with friends, family, or work colleagues, it can be fun to chase away the winter cold with a warm fire, some hot chocolate, and of course, holiday outfits and makeup!

We all love to look our best at these shindigs, so we thought we’d give you some fun ideas for “holiday party dress-up 2017.” Ready to raid your makeup cabinet and have some fun?

1. Don’t let things slide.

Yes, it can get crazy during the holiday season, but don’t neglect your regular skin care routine. Pretty skin starts with healthy skin, so no matter what, be sure you’re cleansing and moisturizing every morning and night! Even after you get home from the late party, get that makeup off so it’s not soaking into your pores all night.

2. Step it up to help your skin cope.

Your skin has to cope with cold, dry air and the stress hormones pumping through your body, so if you want it to stay looking nice, take good care of it. Switch to a creamy cleanser and use a moisturizer that hydrates beyond the surface level of skin. (Our Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion provide hydration that lasts all day and beyond!)

3. Don’t overdo the alcohol…and if you do, help skin repair itself.

Alcohol is drying, so if you consume too much over the holidays, expect your skin to look dry and sallow the next morning. Try this: drink a glass of water after each alcoholic drink, before you allow yourself another alcoholic drink, and you can cut your intake by half. Then, be sure to cleanse and moisturize when you get home, and apply an anti-aging serum to help your skin recover.

4. Gently exfoliate regularly.

Because of the cold, dry air, skin loses moisture more quickly in the winter, and those dry, dull skin cells rise to the top where they create a lackluster appearance. You can probably exfoliate more often this time of year than you do in the summer-just be careful if you have sensitive skin. Use gentle formulas with fruit acids instead of nut or other harsh scrubs.

5. Whiten those teeth.

The perfect lipstick won’t help if your teeth are yellow and dull. Schedule a professional service to get rid of stains, or try an over-the-counter whitening product. Do be cautious about sensitivity. If you start to feel it, back off to applying the product every other night rather than every night.

6. Mask your hair.

Hair suffers just as much from the cold, dry air of winter as skin does-perhaps more. If you’re noticing dry, dull locks, it’s time to get serious about moisturization. Your best bet is a deeply moisturizing hair mask, a warm towel, and about 30 minutes to sit back, relax, and let the ingredients do their thing. Look for natural options like shea butter, natural oils, biotin (for strength), and keratin, to help eliminate frizz. Apply the mask once or twice a week, depending on how much hair needs it.

7. Exfoliate your lips.

Dry, chapped lips are common during the winter season, but they’re not attractive. If you really want to show off that new red lipstick, gently exfoliate lips with a brown sugar or similar scrub first, then deeply moisturizer overnight with our Restorative Skin Balm. (Take a tube with you to reapply throughout the day.) There’s nothing more beautiful than smooth, hydrated lips!

8. Mist regularly.

Facial mists are a must-have during the winter season, and can be your saving grace during a party or get-together. Our Rescue + Relief Spray is perfect for the job, as it moisturizes lightly without being greasy, and will help you keep that healthy glow throughout the event.

9. Consider where you’re going.

If you’re traveling for the holiday, consider the climate where you’re going. Is it humid? Dry? Be ready to help your skin adapt. If you’re going to be exposed to a lot of indoor heating (likely), you’ll need a deep moisturizer. If you’re going to a humid climate, use a humidity shield for your hair-a product made to help cut down on frizz. Or take some styling tools with you and put it up in a bun or braid.

10. Mask after the party.

After the party is over, it’s time to prepare skin for the next one, right? Even if you don’t have any more scheduled, you need to help your skin recover from the night out. That means a mask the day after a party is a great idea-particularly one that will help soak up and absorb all the extra makeup, toxins, dirt, and other things your skin accumulated overnight. Try a healthy clay mask or non-drying absorbing mask that will clear your pores and help your skin start fresh.

11. Make friends with cold compresses.

One thing that late nights and holiday indulgences does to skin is to puff it up, and it’s not just under the eyes. If you wake up to puffiness, apply the cold compresses right away to help tame that inflammation and drain the fluid buildup. Try a chilled eye mask on the eye area, and then try frozen veggies or a chilled facemask on the rest of your skin. It feels good, and can help you look vibrant the next day no matter how tired you are.

12. Choose more moisturizing products for hair.

Your regular shampoo and conditioner may not be enough during the winter months. If you’re noticing dry, dull strands, static electricity, and frizz, it’s time to change it up. Get smooth, shiny hair with more natural products that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate (which strips the hair) or other harsh chemicals. Then wash with lukewarm (not hot) water and rinse with cool, and apply a heat-protecting product before you blow dry. If you can, let hair air-dry instead.

13. Dry brush body skin.

We often forget the skin on the rest of the body, but it can get dry and dull in the winter, too. Before your party, dry brush your skin all over, and then step into the shower. As soon as you’re done, slather on either a natural moisturizing oil (like coconut or jojoba) or our Body Repair Lotion to seal in moisture. Not only will your skin look radiant and fresh, but you’ll feel refreshed too! (Read more about dry skin brushing on our previous post.)

14. Illuminate before you go.

Before you head out to that party, don’t forget the highlighter. It can make the difference between a dull appearance and a vibrant one. Try pressing a cream illuminator on the apples of the cheeks, over the Cupid’s bow in the lips, down the bridge of the nose, and over the eyelids. Look for products that won’t give you too much shimmer, but simply create a soft glow.

15. Shine up your hair.

Shiny hair is really the pinnacle of any holiday outfit, right? To get yours where you want it to be, use a clarifying shampoo first to get rid of the buildup, follow with a deep conditioner, and then try a bit of hair oil (like argan oil or other similar hair serums) to bring out the shine.

How do you dress up your look for the holidays?

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