Detox Your Life


Detox to Destiny 12-Month Group Mastery Program

With Bec Robbins & Britta Aragon

Begins January 2017

Officially open for enrollment!

We have a rare opportunity for you to detox your life and manifest your heart’s desires personally with us over the next year! We will walk you through finally letting go of the most stubborn inner blocks getting in your way so you can access the energy, confidence and inspiration you need to step into your highest vision for your life!

This program is not about collecting tools, spinning in them with overwhelm and quitting when it gets hard. It’s about breaking patterns for good, replacing habits that aren’t serving you, mastering tools and integrating them into your life no matter where you stand today!

We will be there every step of the way to hold you accountable, lovingly guide you and help you identify your blind spots in a miracle-driven environment that is fun and full of ease and gentleness. Change doesn’t have to be complicated when you are supported by guides and a community that is there to get you to the finish line, even when you do not believe you can.

In this program, we will teach you how to build your own unique code in 3 areas:

  1. Create your own Detox Code: We will identify your own unique collection of inner blocks and create an easy, personal ritual practice of daily actions to dismantle these blocks and prevent them from re-establishing. Your Detox Code is designed to activate peace, ease, expansion, more energy, space, appreciation and excitement for your life so you can take new actions without feeling drained or deprived in any area.
  2. Create your own Destiny Code: We will clarify and outline a comprehensive map of your own unique life vision in 5 key life areas: Love and Relationship, Money and Abundance, Career and Purpose, Body and Health and Creativity and Spirituality. This code is the blueprint for your authentic future that guides your actions and choices every day with clarity and confidence.
  3. Create your own Manifesting Code: When your energy and attention is no longer drained by spinning in blocks and you have a clear vision for the destiny, you now wish to create for yourself you are able to powerfully manifest your heart’s desires. We will walk you through a step-by-step manifestation formula that you will tailor to attract your unique heart’s desires successfully. This code will align you vibrationally to your future, develop massive self-trust, build a solid mindset within you that everything will work out always, because it will, and get good at decision-making by following your own GPS system and taking intuitive action.

By the end of the year you will be able to play in the game of life and have your own “Sacred Trilogy Code” to bulldoze over any blocks that come up and manifest whatever you desire.

The Structure:

Option 1: Group Program

  • 1 – Life Analysis and Strategic Planning Workshop (Half-Day in January) with both Britta and Bec to clarify your unique situation, crystallize your desired goals & intentions, identify what is blocking you and create a plan to manifest your desires.
  • 3 – 75 minute group coaching calls per month with Britta and Bec for 12 months beginning in January 2017
  • Access to Britta, Bec and a support community on a private Facebook Group dedicated to fully supporting you for 12 months
  • Guest Guide Training Sessions with renowned experts to give you extra support in love, money, health and spirituality throughout the year
  • Monthly PDF’s, worksheets and recordings of all group coaching calls
  • 4-Day Transformational Group Retreat in beautiful Ibiza, Spain at the end of September 2017 (excluding flight, accommodations and some meals)
  • Lifetime access to the Detox to Destiny 21-Day Life Cleanse

Option 2: Private One-on-one 12 Month Breakthrough Mastery Program

  • 3 – 30-minute private calls per month with Bec and Britta for 12 months
  • PLUS unlimited text and email support with both Bec and Britta
  • Full access to Detox to Destiny 12 month Group Mastery

2 additional tickets for the 4-Day Transformational Group Retreat in beautiful Ibiza, Spain at the end of September 2017.



Please send an email to to set up at time to chat with Britta or Bec to discuss program details!

Group Program Schedule:

There will be 3 weekly calls per month on Wednesdays for 12 months. All calls will be recorded if you are not able to attend.

For private one-on-one option, you will also have 3 private coaching calls per month as outlined above scheduled at a time that works for you.

  • January: 11, 18th and 25th PLUS Life Analysis and Strategic Planning Virtual Workshop (Half-day) Saturday January 14th starts 10am-2pm PST
  • February: 8th, 15th and 22nd
  • March: 8th, 15th and 22nd
  • April: 5th, 12th and 19th
  • May: 3rd, 10th and 17th
  • June: 7th, 14th and 21st
  • July: 5th, 12th and 19th
  • August: 2nd, 9th and 16th
  • September: 6th, 13th and 20th PLUS 4-Day Transformational and Sacred Group Retreat in Ibiza, Spain Starts at 5pm Central European Time on Tuesday 26th and ends at 3pm on Saturday 30th
  • October: 11th, 18th and 25th
  • November: 8th, 15th, *21st (*changed this date to Tuesday due to US Thanksgiving)
  • December: 6th, 13th, 20th




Britta Aragon, natural beauty and detox coach, author, and entrepreneur, discovered her passion for safe self-care while caring for her father during his eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor herself of Hodgkin’s disease, she dedicated her work to her father’s legacy.

She is the author of When Cancer Hits, Founder of Detox Your Life Coaching and and creator of CV Skinlabs, a safe, luxurious, and non-toxic skincare line that helps repair and soothe all types of sensitive skin. Britta’s work has been featured in Organic Spa Magazine, People En Espanol, US Weekly, Telemundo 52, Real Simple Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Refinery 29 and more.

She raises awareness about safe self-care and the importance of reducing our toxic load physically, emotionally and spiritually through her speaking engagements, seminars, online workshops, private coaching and worldwide online retreats.

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Bec Robbins works with women worldwide to create sustainable happiness in both their personal and professional lives.

After her own empowering recovery from divorce, body breakdown and career crisis, Bec made it her mission to provide women with the most effective natural solutions for mental-emotional wellness.

Founder of the INSPIRED Creative Process, Bec gives women a systematic approach to detoxify from stress, negativity, fear and inner conflict. Her process reconnects women to their intuition and life purpose so they can experience thriving relationships with themselves, their loved ones and the world.

Author of the bestselling book, INSPIRED Income, Bec also teaches women how to convert their gifts and passions into viable income streams for self-sufficiency and financial freedom.

Together, her practical methodologies empower women to release their blocks, restore whole health and fully realize the abundant and authentic life they deserve!

To learn more about Bec, her programs and her book, visit and

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