10 Ways to Beat Back Belly Bloat

Is there anything more frustrating than belly bloat? Especially when you’ve been eating healthy, but your belly still sticks out, almost mocking you when you put on that sleek dress or pair of skinny jeans. What causes this frustrating condition, and what can you do to eliminate it? What Causes Belly Bloat? There are a

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How to Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Alcohol-Damaged Skin

This weekend, we all get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll enjoy the green outfits, the fun leprechauns, the parades and parties, the cards and decorations, and for those of Irish descent, a chance to reconnect with a vibrant and unique culture. But of course, we can’t talk about St. Patrick’s Day without talking about

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3 Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Oh no. Where did that hair come from? Women are used to plucking, picking, shaving, and doing whatever they have to do to get rid of body hair, but when it shows up on the face, it can cause a little more stress. Is it okay to shave the hair over your lip? Okay to

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This Ingredient Speeds Wound Healing and Helps Prevent Premature Aging!

One of the ingredients that we use in our CV Skinlabs products is calendula. You probably know it better as the “marigold,” that cheery orange, red, or yellow flower that seems to just scream summer. Calendula officinalis is the scientific name for the marigold, and it has been used for centuries for all sorts of