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5 Ways Meditation Can Make You More Beautiful

I’ve talked to you guys in previous posts about meditation. I find that it helps so much to keep me centered, calm, and focused. Studies have also shown that it helps reduce stress and pain, and may even help us avoid diseases like heart disease and cancer. One thing that you may find hard to

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5 Ways to Best Prepare Skin for Makeup

Did you hear about Fashion Week NYC? It took place September 8-15 and as usual, it was an exciting event. At CV Skinlabs, we’re always thrilled to hear about the many celebrity makeup artists who work with the models at fashion week and love to use our products. “I love using CV Skinlabs Rescue +

Wheat Gluten Free

Go Gluten-Free or Not?

According to a recent Gallup pole, one in five Americans actively tries to include gluten-free foods in his or her diet. Should you be one of them? This is a question on many of our readers’ minds, so I wanted to give you some guidance. I made the change back in 2013 to gluten-free at

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5 Reasons Why You Really Need a Vacation This Year

Happy Labor Day, my friends! I hope you’re all getting some well-deserved time off, but one day isn’t enough, that’s for sure. Did you take a vacation over the summer, or do you have one planned for this fall or winter? I ask because time away is critical to our well-being, but most Americans don’t