Skin, Lip and Body Care

Why Vegan Skincare is All the Rage

You’ve likely heard about vegan skincare. Maybe you’re a huge fan and love using skincare that adheres to vegan principles. But maybe you’re still not sure exactly what it is. Today, we’ll explain what’s going on with this new line of products, and how CV Skinlabs fits into the vegan lifestyle. What is a Vegan?

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Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

The 7 Wonders of Aloe and How it Protects and Repairs Your Skin

You may turn to aloe to help cool a sunburn, but did you know that it also helps soothe radiation-induced dermatitis, tames inflamed skin, and accelerates healing? In fact, the aloe vera plant has been used for centuries for its skin care properties, and has been so effective that the Egyptians called it “the plant

Skin, Lip and Body Care

Skincare Hacks that Make Men Look Great!

Skincare isn’t just for women anymore. Not that it ever was, but men are more aware of how their skin looks and feels these days, and have more of a desire to delay the appearance of aging. A 2014 survey by “Dove” found that 35 percent of men (over a third) are concerned about dark

Skin, Lip and Body Care

What to Look for in your Safe Sunscreen

It’s that time again, when the weather is warm and all we want to do is get out there in the sun. No doubt you know that protecting your skin is important. Skin cancer remains the most common type of cancer in the U.S., with an estimated 9,000 people newly diagnosed every day. Yet slathering