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Why Healthy Skin is More Important Than Pretty Skin

Here at CV Skinlabs, we often talk about the importance of healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ we have, and just like the heart, lungs, and stomach, it requires nutrients and care to perform optimally. In today’s modern world of selfies and video chats, however, it’s easy to get wrapped up more in

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Skin, Lip and Body Care

If It Says “Irritant-Free” Skin Care, Can You Trust It?

Have you heard about “irritant-free” skin care? It’s a fairly new buzzword, but what does it mean, exactly? And is this something you should be looking for when you do your skin care shopping? What is Irritant-Free Skin Care? This word has come about in response to consumers’ desire for more natural and safe skin

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The Best Gifts for Mom Based on Her Personality

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. Are you ready? Maybe you’ve already gotten Mom something, or maybe you’re a little behind. Either way, we want to help. Many of us get mom cards, candy, and flowers on Mother’s Day, but some surveys have found that these things aren’t really high on most moms’ lists. “,”

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7 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

It’s starting to feel like spring, isn’t it? All that sunshine and warm weather can get you in the mood for freshening up. Maybe you’ve already overhauled your closet, or cleaned up your home. But you may have forgotten one very important thing that needs cleaning: your beauty routine. When was the last time you